What is a Clean Power-Up?

A Clean Power-Up is a digital artwork by the celebrated British artist Morag Myerscough. It can be saved as a screensaver on your phone. Your Clean Power-Up will automatically support two vital London-based eco projects: generating green energy with a community solar rooftop initiative and rewilding an area of Greater London with a new woodland.

What can I do with my Clean Power-Up once I have received it?

You can download your Clean Power-Up to your device and use it as a screensaver to show your support for the Clean Power campaign and a cleaner, greener future. If you post your Clean Power-Up on social media, please be sure to use the hashtag #cleanpowerup so we can spread the message far and wide.

Where does the money go?

All funds raised from the sales of Clean Power-Ups, after VAT and card transaction fees have been paid, go to supporting our two chosen projects.

What are the Clean Power flags made from?

Our Clean Power flags are made from recycled marine plastic waste, which means they are helping with the huge issue of plastic pollution in our rivers and seas.

What will happen to the Clean Power flags when they come down?

Our flags will be reused in other cities as they travel the world to spread the word about Clean Power (they’ve already been to Glasgow for COP26). Any flags that can’t be re-used in the campaign will be made into fashion accessories, like tote bags.

Why can’t I switch my energy supplier right now?

Switching to green energy used to be much easier: you could simply change your energy supplier to one that uses renewable energy like wind and solar. But because of the current energy crisis, which has in turn pushed up the price of the electricity and gas we all use in our homes, it’s not currently possible to switch your energy supplier. Once the market stabilises, you will be able to switch again.

If I sign up for updates, how often will I receive emails?

We will only contact you if we have an update about what’s happening with our current campaign, and we’ll let you know which city the campaign is heading to next. We’ll also be in touch when the time comes to switch energy supplier to a renewable company with help and advice on how to do so.

Where is Clean Power planting trees?

We will have confirmation of the exact location in October, but our new woodland will be in the Greater London area.

What kind of trees are being planted?

The trees we plant will be native to the UK. It’s important that we plant the right trees in the right location in order to support the local ecosystem, while at the same time sequestering as much carbon as possible and creating a woodland that will benefit local peoples’ wellbeing.

Where will the rooftop solar panels be installed?

Our community rooftop solar initiative will be in central London. We will be able to confirm the exact location in October.

Where will the electricity from the solar panels be used?

The electricity produced from our community rooftop solar project will go into the National Grid, meaning everyone will get to benefit from it. Any income generated will go back into producing even more clean energy.